Former County Commission Candidate served in Defamation of Character case against local Entrepreneur

News Release

Former Deschutes County Commissioner Candidate Amy Thompson (formerly known as Amy Lowes) faces $1.3 million lawsuit for violations of Mutual Non-Disparagement Agreement; OPB also named in suit for Defamation of Character

Peter Lowes seeks $1.3 million for the “irreparable financial and reputational harm” caused by Amy Thompson’s repeated breaches of the parties’ mutual non-disparagement agreement.  OPB sued for defamation based on false reporting of “conviction” and lack of due care and diligence.

BEND, OREGON, July 12,2021 – Former Deschutes County Commissioner candidate Amy Thompson has been sued for $1.3 million for her repeated breaches of a mutual non-disparagement agreement, according to the lawsuit filed by her third husband, Peter Lowes, local investor, business owner and entrepreneur.

Lowes’ suit, which was filed on July 13, 2021, alleges that Thompson fabricated domestic abuse charges against him within weeks after Lowes agreed to rescind the parties’ prenuptial agreement – relying on photographs of injuries that she sustained in a mountain bike accident just days before to bolster the accusations.  Thompson’s actions ultimately resulted in Lowes filing for divorce and Thompson receiving “over $1.3 million in assets from a short-term marriage of less than three years.”

As part of their divorce settlement, Thompson and Lowes entered into a mutual non-disparagement agreement in which they agreed not to make “any public or private statement . . . that disparages, defames, is derogatory about, or misrepresents the other party or one of their business interests.”  According to Lowes, that agreement was “critically important” because of Thompson’s “history and pattern of fabricating abuse accusations against him and her other former spouses, her troubling abuse of prescription painkillers and alcohol, and her willingness to lie, steal, and deceive for personal financial gain.”

The lawsuit alleges that Thompson breached the mutual non-disparagement agreement with the intent to harm Lowes’ reputation and business interests after their divorce while at the same time promoting her political aspirations.  During the race for Deschutes County Commissioner, Thompson used an interview with Oregon Public Broadcasting to make disparaging and derogatory statements about Lowes that she knew would be published online and referred to Lowes as “my abuser” as part of her “me too” campaign, the lawsuit states.

In addition to his claims against Thompson, Lowes seeks $50,000 in damages from OPB for falsely reporting that he was “convicted” of domestic violence and “pleaded guilty” to assault, all of which “created false and misleading impressions about him being convicted of domestic violence.”  Lowes contends that he was not given a reasonable opportunity to refute the claims in the article before it went to press and that OPB’s defamatory statements “subjected him to hatred, contempt, and ridicule and diminished the esteem, respect, goodwill, and confidence in which he was held in the community.”  The lawsuit further alleges that Oregon Public Broadcasting failed to exercise due care by not reporting that Lowes’ plea was withdrawn and all criminal charges against him were dismissed with prejudice.  Lowes has requested a jury trial.

All details of the lawsuit are available in the attached complaint.