Hola’s Final Straw for Eco Cause

(Hola! founder Peter Lowes) The local Hola group of restaurants is taking an environmental, stand with the announcement that it will be switching to biodegradable compostable straws in each of its Central Oregon locations. The popular Mexican-Peruvian cuisine chain is championing the fight against the use of plastic straws, as environmental activists estimate some 500 […]

Hello Hola! Welcome to Camp Sherman

Hola! Restaurants added another location! We have taken the former Kokanee Café and changed it to the 6th location for Hola! Nouveau Mexican-Peruvian Cuisine. I have always loved the surroundings here: the pristine Metolius River, the fragrant pine trees, the out-of-the-way yet right-in-our-backyard community Camp Sherman. It was a must to continue having a well-loved […]